A fast-casual farm to table restaurant focusing on authentic savory soul food with a unique family friendly dining experience
We are proud to source all of our ingredients from local farms and high quality food suppliers

Chicken, Turkey Wings and Whiting


Chicken (Lg) Catering 

Chicken (Sm) Catering 


Turkey Wings (Lg) Catering 

Turkey Wings (Sm) Catering 


Whiting (Lg) Catering 

Whiting (Sm) Catering


Catfish and Ribs


Catfish (Lg) Catering 

Catfish (Sm) Catering 


Ribs (Lg) Catering 

Ribs (Sm) Catering 


Sides and Cornbread


Cabbage (Lg) Catering 

Cabbage (Sm) Catering 


Candied Yams (Lg) Catering 

Candied Yams (Sm) Catering


Collard Greens (Lg) Catering 

Collard Greens (Sm) Catering 

Cornbread (20 pcs) Catering 

Cornbread Dressing (Lg) Catering 

Cornbread Dressing (Sm) Catering 

Mac & Cheese (Lg) Catering 

Mac & Cheese (Sm) Catering 

Potato Salad (Lg) Catering 

Potato Salad (Sm) Catering 

String Beans (Lg) Catering


String Beans (Sm) Catering 

Yellow Rice (Lg) Catering


Yellow Rice (Sm) Catering



Peach Cobbler (Lg) Catering 


Peach Cobbler (Sm) Catering 



Lemonade (1gal) Catering 


Southern Twang (1gal) Catering 

Sweet Tea (1gal) Catering 


Uptown (1gal) Catering