Who we are

We are a fast-casual farm-to-table restaurant focusing on authentic savory soul food and the use of innovative technology to provide a unique and family friendly dining experience. We’re proud to source all of our ingredients from local farmers and shops. Our food is always fresh because we prepare our meals around the clock with great love and care.

Our Specialties

We specialize in cornbread, of course. We love good food so we obsess over every detail of each meal. From the first ingredient, to the right combination of seasoning, to the final product, we’ve worked hard to develop the flavor profiles of every single dish.

Our Standards

1. We Love
We love soul food! The tradition of soul food is one that represents the importance of family and the strong ties that bring a community together. Our mission is to extend this love, because we want Cornbread to be a place where people can celebrate these bonds and create new ones over excellent food.
2. We Give
We give back to the community! Cornbread is not just a restaurant, we’re also active participants in the communities that we serve. We’ve partnered with local organizations to make our communities safer and stronger, because we believe that sustainability shouldn’t only be reflected in how we prepare our food.
3. We Serve
We serve our customers! One of our keystone goals is to ensure that every meal we serve, every project we undertake, every employee we hire is driven by intentionality and excellence. We’re customer focused through and through.
4. We Work
We work hard to ensure that every customer we serve experiences the intentionality and love that we put into every bite. We don’t just talk about sustainability, we’ve built it into our business model, so we can obsess about the details of every dish.

5. We Strive

We strive to build excellent teams! Our goal is to hire locally from the communities where we operate and we provide our workers with a living wage and flexible hours. We believe that when we take care of our employees, they’re well equipped to take care of you.

Our Founders

Adenah Bayoh
Adenah Bayoh
"Everyday I rise at 4am and hit the gym. Carving out the time and space to workout daily sparks creativity throughout my day."
Elzadie “Zadie” Smith
Elzadie “Zadie” Smith
"I've recently found a new love in CrossFit. I feel unstoppable!"

Cornbread represents the realization of Adenah’s vision of creating an innovative soul food restaurant concept where families and friends can gather and feel good about the food that they eat and where employees are truly valued and empowered. Inspired by her grandmother, a farmer and restaurant owner, Cornbread exemplifies Adenah’s philosophy that savory and authentic food can be healthy and responsibly sourced. As a self-made restaurateur and real estate developer, Adenah has built a successful business model around investing not only in her employees, but also in the communities where she does business.

Zadie Smith is a pioneering entrepreneur who discovered her love of cooking at an early age from her parents in Tifton, Georgia and has been in the kitchen ever since. She brings that passion for cooking and lifelong culinary experience to Cornbread where she was instrumental in developing the menu and flavor profiles of each meal that we serve. In addition to her childcare and real estate businesses, through a “labor of love” Zadie has added a new dimension to her life story: co-founder of Cornbread.